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11 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. At the start of a HAZOP, deal out all the 52 cards round the table. As the study progresses, participants put their dealt LoC event cards on the table if/when the scenario is discussed. At the end of session, whichever cards are left are discussed or dismissed as not applicable or if the participant wasn’t paying attention and should have put card(s) onto the table then they have to pay a forfeit – harsh but fair (active not passive participation in these important studies).

  2. How about punching holes in cards and using them to tag potential leak/LoC locations on site walkrounds

  3. Use of the cards was super successful with our HAZOP specialist’s group this morning. We were just running through our workpractice etc, so was a general catchup, but many had not met each other before.

    I got someone to draw a card, and then talk to when that may have come up in part of a discussion in a recent HAZOP or process hazard assessment activity. It did get others jumping in which was great! All loved the idea of using it post-lunch when reconvening a HAZOP forum and getting people re-engaged.

  4. Create a quiz page e.g. with randomly selected questions that the players can link to (via the QR code on the back of the card perhaps) to test their knowledge

  5. When I am on site, I envisage getting a few people in morning toolbox to pick a card at random and then describe it the next day in context of a relatable bowtie cause line from their site specifically or a recent process safety event that was reported. (Gives them time to look at the card summaries book)

  6. I want some simple magic card trick (TBC), and if I guess the card correctly, the person who picked it will then have a conversation with me in front of others present about the card content.

  7. I might post a card at random on Yammer, and request comment on a relatable bowtie cause line from that site or a recent process safety event that was reported. Most liked comment might get a simple prize/recognition at the end of the week.

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